Purrbody's Eternety of Hunkpapa

black-tabby-classic *08.08.2000

Purrbodys Tasmanian Legend Islandcats Tuscarora of Purrbodys Islandcats Chief Eagle Dancer
Islandcats White Fox
Cooneyisle Snow Tripper Groovycats Dapper Dan of Cooneyisle
Cooneyisle Sugar Britches
Katsamust Kadina of Purrbodys Katsamust Babys Henry The VIIICooneyisle Katsamust Abraham Lincoln
Oro Ojos Cotton Baby of Katsamust
Bocomo My Special Angel Rose Petals Ty Kota
Bocomo Judy In Disguise

Hunkpapa's Hardcore

black-tabby-mc. *16.07.2004

Lacocoon Apache Rose Lacocoon Revolution Cameowcoons Sammy K of Lacocoon
Shubacoons Elizabeth of Lacocoon
Lacocoon Gitane Fullmoon Feline Fearless of Lacocoon
McKittycreek Lil' Gypsy of Lacocoon
Witchbreeds Made of Hellfire Trutails Goldbear of Witchbreeds Kankoonkats Lil' Britches
Texas Belle Bito-O-Honey of Trutails
Witchcats Little Hellfire Weidebusch's Quincy of Woodwitchs
Olily the Unicat