Hunkpapa's Fast Bull Hunkpapa Touch Down Purrbodys Blue Steel CH Hunkpapa Colebrook of Purrbodys
GC Purrbodys Koordarrie
Hunkpapa Morgaine Hunkpapa Hip Hop Bear
Purrbodys Metallica of Hunkpapa
Sweet Rialto Zilly Zeduction, Penobscot Shoshone Sweet Rialto Penobscot
Penobscot Spook's Ghost
Belushies Felicity IC Koontucky Neo of Belushies
Belushies Cloudy
Lacocoon’s Apache Rose Lacocoon Revolution  Cameowcoons Sammy K of Lacocoon CH Lakecountry Cochise of Pawstuctaway
CH Great Works Shoshonee of Cameowcoons
Shubacoons Elizabeth of Lacocoon RW-GC Freedomkatt Tom Cruise, DM
RW-CH Solkatz Kalahari of Shubacoons
Lacocoon Gitane  Fullmoon Feline Fearless of Lacocoon EC Seascape Eli
EC Fullmoon BohemianRhapsody
McKittycreek Lil' Gypsy of Lacocoon RW-GC McKittycreek Eddie Bauer
GC McKittycreek Reba Maccoontire, DM