Big Sinclairs Wassily Kandinsky *30.07.2003 Calimero of Yervie Donovan of Tammany Red-Big-Ben of Tammany
Honeymoon of Natureland
Prinzessin Joyce v. Schloss Silberborn Billyblue Count of Coonhinoor
Prinzessin Alix v. Schloss Silberborn
Loricat's Isis Jada vom Engelsmeer Caruso vom Engelsmeer
Love-Hulen's Kiss me Tiger
Witchcats Mescaline Coonquest Chieftain TJ
Olily the Unicat
Hunkpapa's Peppermint Patty *


Hunkpapa's Ringo Starr Hunkpapa's Hip Hop Bear Witchcats Daredevil
Kelly v. Weidebusch
Highfidelity's Patchwork Tess Highfidelity's Kansas Jumocke
Jumping VelvetNightingale
of Beartooth Mountain Gambol Maine-Made Jay of Beartooth Mountain Thecathut Big Mack of Maine-Made
Maine-Made Dani
Majesticats Blue Rose Lady Rhiannon Majesticats Fighting Irish
Majesticats Tiger Lilly