Woodwitchs Alice Cooper


Bogy Cat's Genesis Woodwitchs Bogy Cat's Washington Monashees Lucky Star
Hathor of Kennebec River
Ol'Shag Mega Chattahoochee Simson v. Weidebusch
Indian Spirit of Glad Tidlings
Witchbreeds Autumn Twilight Coonquest Chieftain TJ Meunerie Thaddeus Carver of DonnaHugh
Cavasos An die Freude of Coonquest
St. John's Katie Coonyham Buster Brown
St. John's Voodoo Queen
Woodwitchs Indira


Cuxycoons Mr. Pepper Woodwitchs Vincent Weidebusch's Quincy of Woodwitchs
Angelique vom Klosterbach
Bogy Cat's Amorada Kumskaka Holy Roller
Hathor of Kennebec River
Woodwitchs Poker Queen Spooky Forest's Dread-Lock Sundancer Maine's Duke
Zsa-Zsa of Starbushway
Ghostdancer Texas Rose Maximus Saturn of Coonsworth
Honeycoon Smokey Goddess